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  • Cyber Arch Angeles

    Cyber Arch Angeles

    full size fantasy painting portrait of a winged cyber arch angel fighting hordes of electric daemons rising up from a fiery pit of burning grime, extremely detailed, Volumetric lighting, high resolution, hyperrealistic an anime painting, a winged cyber arch angel, fighting, hordes of electric demons, fiery pit of burning grime, extremely detailed, Volumetric lighting, high…

  • Camel Sipping Ice Tea

    Camel Sipping Ice Tea

    full portrait of a camel sipping ice tea out of a plastic bottle in on a boat front of an ice berg, strong cold winds, rays of sun piercing cloudy sky, high detail, hyper realistic painting

  • Cyber Body Parts

    Cyber Body Parts

    high detail schematic of cyber equipment for bionic bodyparts enhancement as can be found in advertisements, high detail, hyper realistic painting

  • Woodland Hares

    Woodland Hares

    full portrait of a hare dressed in chainmail armor standing in the woods admits a mystical clearing glowing with opulent fairy lights at night, a big greenish moon partially hidden by clouds in the background, high detail, hyper realistic painting

  • Sword in a Stone

    Sword in a Stone

    misty highland landscape, big weathered rock in foreground, magical longsword sticking out of the stone surrounded by 20 fireflies, vivid vegetation, as imagined by vikings dreaming of valhalla, by Andreas Franke

  • Making Gold

    Making Gold

    a painting alchemist equipment on a table transforming heaps of elements into glowing orbs of gold, ten small goblins made of smoke assist the experiment, close-up of old man with an eager look behind edge of the table, by louis royo

  • Alchemist’s Cat

    Alchemist’s Cat

    a close-up of cat and dog behind an old wooden table, two wizard hats, alchemist equipment, bubbeling veils of liquids of all colors, tiny smoke creatures scurrying around on the table, style fantasy, photo realistic, volumetric lightning

  • Ancient Tree

    Ancient Tree

    a painting of an acient tree covered in moss and fern guarding the secret of life in a hidden glen guarded by two armored cat wizards guards, mystical, magical illumination

  • Punk Rockers

    Punk Rockers

    mystic guitar in punk rock conert spweing lightning on stage while crowd is going wild at night, party, music, loud

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